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I graduated last night. :)
living in london kind of rules
Best weekend in Niagara Falls with my love. :):)
We are the lamest.
dumb selfie from yesterday
Yesterday I met the man that writes the most real and heartfelt lyrics I have ever heard. I have cried to his music on multiple occasions and I am so grateful to have had the chance to meet, and watch an amazing set by Jake. (Front Porch Step) He was definitely the highlight of my day at Warped Tour.
So so so happy.
I am so happy thanks to this boy.
Prom last night ruled. :)
Finally got my nose pierced!
best cousin in the world is going home to holland tomorrow :(
this selfie is making me friends on tinder
I’ve been wearing my new bathing suit alllllll day. I love it.
This dress rules!
I’m about as pale as you can get.