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I don’t think he’s overly fond of this. He’s awfully cute though! #hedgehog #hedgie #milo #pond #cute
Baby. :):) #hedgehog #baby #milo

just going to spam milo for a minute because it’s his birthday and i love him :3

My cute little babies. :)
My puppy was really jealous of my hedgehog because he got to swim and she didn’t. Too cute!!
My baby boy liked being outside today. c:
Cleaning day for Milo!! (Taken with Instagram)
freezing-c0ld: omg do you have a hedgehog? if you do, what does yours sleep on, what is the cage made of, and what does it eat? thanks love, x0x0x0 

i do,
umm it sleeps on this soft cottony stuff that looks like this:

but paper or some wood shavings are good too. i just use stuff that makes it smell better, but it’s a loooot more expensive.

his cage looks like this:

he eats Nutrients kitten food!

you’re welcome. :) 

my boyfriend and my rodent. perfect picture. <3
My not-so-cuddly cuddle buddy. :)
Oh hey cutie. :) (Taken with instagram)
My baby!